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I’m from Leto, where the cities are towers surrounded
by swirling gases, and if you want to see the stars you have to try and catch a glimpse through the vapor.
— Abigail d'wa

The Universe of mythos

Elves. Cyborgs. Big Adventure.

Mythos began as a series of loosely connected short stories, but has now been rewritten as an audio drama. It follows the journey of Abigail d’wa, a part-elven Mage, who is far more interested in her career as an archeologist than exploring her magical heritage. During an archeological dig, a mysterious box is stolen and Abigail disobeys direct orders so she can see the item safely returned.

Currently the first six episodes are in production and will be released fall 2018.

Will I Like this?

Do you like Star Wars? Guardians of the Galaxy? Valerian and Laureline? Or sci-fi/fantasy writers such as Leigh Brackett, Ursula le Guin or Nnedi Okorafor? Mythos just might be to your liking.

The content rating for Mythos would be PG-13 for sci-fi violence/action, brief suggestive material and sci-fi/fantasy styled naughty language.

The Crew

The Writer

Strider Leigh was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada but is currently living in the United States with a bunch of plants and books. While waiting for the ink to dry on her English degree, she decided there was no better time to leap feet first into producing an audio drama. She can be contacted through any Mythos related social media or via email at

The Assistant

Rain Essery is a Canadian writer, producer and director. She has worked on a variety of projects including television talk shows, short films and web series. In addition to her own projects, Rain is involved with a couple of other feature films and frequently puts up with the writer of Mythos when she has 2am conniptions about her work.




The Artist

Chelsea Geter is a nerdy artist who lives in Raleigh, North Carolina and recently graduated from the University of North Carolina, Greensboro with a degree in Arts and Sciences. She is now working as a freelance illustrator and can be contacted on one of the websites listed below or via email at




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The Cast

RayRayVA as Abigail d'wa

Ray is an aspiring voice actress who has been voicing projects online for just under four years. She has experience in directing and script writing, is an avid blogger, and loves to travel.

Andrew Bower as Captain Pel 

When requested to record himself reciting some awful fan-fiction by his friends, Andy was surprised at how much he enjoyed it and decided to give voice acting a whirl. A couple of Google searches and sign-ups later, he popped himself down into the world of voice over work to experience where the road would lead. 

Arthur Tisseront as Bats

Arthur is pretty new to the VO scene, but has been a college radio show host for almost 2 years, and producing electronic music just over 5 years!  Mythos will be his first lead role in a project.

Jordan Cobb as Gracie Hart 

Jordan is a New York City based actress and writer, and a graduate of NYU’s Tisch. Audiodrama is only the most recent addition to an ever growing list of her loves, which already includes Jurassic Park, Marvel comics, science fiction, fantasy, and most importantly; chocolate. You can also find her on audiodramas such as Here Be Dragons (as Harper Bennett & Dr. Natalya Atlas), and RedWing (as Merrow & Amari Agrinya) wherever podcasts are streaming.

John Wilson as The Narrator

John has been doing voice work for around a year. Some of his projects include voice overs for a Star Wars YouTuber, short video narration and a currently unreleased audio book. He also provides his voice for a corporate phone system.