It's a big universe out there full of all sorts of strange creatures, aliens and characters.

Main Characters

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Abigail d'wa

Abigail d'wa is an archeologist from Leto, the capital world of the Galactic Union of Star Systems. She comes from a mixed heritage of elf and human, and is the only magic user in her immediate family.

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Gracie Hart

A former member of the Dragon Knights, feared cybernetically enhanced warriors. She now works as the heavy muscle aboard the Whiplash. Far from her home in the Dragon Empire, she tends to be rather distant and cold.

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He's got a big mouth that tends to irritate most of the people around him. However, when he makes a point it is usually a good idea to listen. Well-traveled, Bats tends to describe himself as a sort of "space bum". He is currently married to fellow Whiplash crew member, Shaggy.

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A quiet chemist who works for Pel aboard the Whiplash. She is married to fellow crew member, Bats. She has a tendency to change her hair colour at any opportunity. 

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Minor Characters

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Pel, a satyr, takes his job as Captain of the Whiplash very seriously. He is a strange sight among the spaceways as most satyrs prefer to be planetbound.