The Falcon Banner

It took me quite a while to discover the modern world of audio dramas, and at this point, I can’t recall the google search that brought me to Darker Projects. I credit them with opening a Great Big Door of possibility for me.

I’ve always loved to read, but when I was in college between working multiple jobs, a full course load, and several medical issues it became really hard to focus on a page for more than a few minutes. Most of my free time was spent on the bus staring out the window at the grey wetness that was my hometown. It didn’t do wonders for my mood.

Then I discovered podcasts. A way I could still have stories, fun, and fantasy in my life as I mucked my way through completing a degree. Darker Projects was my first exposure to indie works. That had been around for a while so they had a nice library of fan and original works.

There was one that hooked me right away.

The Falcon Banner was probably the largest influence in my decision to try and tell my own story in the medium of audio dramas. Based on the first book in a series by Christopher Lydon, this science fiction story follows Darien Taine, a man on the run who gathers a crew and ends up in search of a lost fleet of ships that might be the key to freeing Earth from its current subjugation. I was actually excited for the trip to school or work because I would get to hear more!

Then it ended. Quite abruptly. Even now it remains unfinished.

As sad as that was I decided I wasn’t ready to wonder forever how the story was going to end. So I went and found the book and I read it. The first book I managed to read front to back in over a year. Then I read the sequel and after that, I ended up coming home one day with a book I had been wanting to read for a few years.

I’m not sure what it was that opened me up so much. This story in a genre I love so much being told in a medium I had never considered.

So, everyone, who worked on the series. It was short, it was sweet, and it lead me to creative places and a community I never could have imagined.

Thank you.