On the Eleventh Day: @IAmSayer. This show is a perfect example of embracing the medium of podcasting/audio storytelling to create a story that is almost an experience unto itself. That sounds like an absolutely batty statement, but consider the first episode of Sayer. The first line is: “Can you hear me?” The show essentially makes you a participant in the episode as Sayer welcomes you to your new home on Typhon.

The gentle pads in the background, the soft-spoken Sayer whose voice occasionally dips and glitches, gives you this odd feeling of calm. Like you are listening to a self-help book. The ones that urge you to lie still and embrace calm. It often gives me the sense of moving through molasses. Slow and heavy.

The longer Sayer speaks, the more that slow, heavy sense of calm starts to feel a bit… Off. When Sayer brings up the fact you might be having trouble moving, I wanted to fidget so bad. There was an unnerving itch under my skin. There might be no bees on Typhon, but they were buzzing under my skin.

It’s claustrophobic. It’s unnerving. I feel like I’ve taken a tranquilizer and I can’t quite get my thoughts in order.

The fact this is a work very different from my usual listening choices is probably what makes it such an intriguing diversion. It’s another one of the podcasts where I can’t be doing anything else, I have to sit or lie there and listen.

Almost paralyzed.

Tip: Don’t listen to it at night as you fall asleep. Your dreams will be… Strange.