Red Wing

On the Eighth Day: @RedWingPod. Old Time Radio had a wide selection of superheroes to choose from. From the eternal Batman and Superman, to old classics like the Falcon, and the Shadow. A superhero-based audio drama has a rich history to build on.

I came to superhero comics well out of childhood. My first comics were actually moldly Gold Key Tarzans that had belonged to my dad when he was a kid. I can’t recall my first superhero comic, but I suspect it might have been “Spider-Girl” with May Parker. Why her? Why that particular comic? Honestly, it was because there was a girl on the cover. I knew nothing about superhero comics when I was pre-teen, and I was in high school before Marvel Studios took over the planet. The amount of works out there to sift through is really overwhelming when you have no idea where to start. So what do you do? You look for someone you can see yourself in.

Which brings us to Red Wing. A superhero story for people who often struggle to find their own heroic mirror. Like a lot of the other audios I’ve talked about, Red Wing is a story that offers a voice to people who are often ignored in mainstream media. The main character, and our titular superhero, is a queer black man. Jordan Redfield-Wade is a hero we need to hear from, and a reminder that everyone deserves a chance to play dress up and kick evil-doers straight in the teeth.

As another hero said recently: “Anyone can wear the mask.”

The audio is narrator heavy, which works for me because it evokes a sort of “noir” style that RedWing shines in. Much like another bat-inspired hero. Jordan is likeable and relatable, which can be tough to pull off when you’re listening to a character who comes from wealth while you’re eating your third pack of ramen in as many days. He’s someone you want to see rise to his challenges, and you feel proud of every hurdle he crosses.

Red Wing really is a wonderful modern spin on the old radio dramas. Supes and Bats are still out there, and they can rest easy knowing another hero is here to help.