Here Be Dragons

On the Seventh Day: @HereBDragonsPod. There’s a scifi film that opens with a line I adore: “When I was a kid, whenever I'd feel small or lonely, I'd look up at the stars. Wondered if there was life up there. Turns out I was looking in the wrong direction.” We have as much to fear beneath our waves as we do from the darkness above us.  It’s a danger sandwich we live in.

The watery setting, much like Tides, allows for all the alien strangeness you might run into in a space setting, but from the comfort of your own planet. Where Tides plays with a beautiful sense of wonder about the flora and fauna of oceans, Here Be Dragons immediately lets you know this is firmly in the camp of “Oooooh no thank you, I will never go to the beach again.” The creature they showcase in the first episode, even dead, sounds stunning and terrible. Much like the ocean itself.

The first episode introduces us to our main cast, a mysterious monster from the depths, and the submarine they will be travelling in. It’s a neat setup with enough character beats to keep you curious, and who doesn’t like a monster hunt? I latched onto a favourite character pretty quickly with Pip “I LOVE fun facts” Campbell. I’m a sucker for people who are just pleased to be included on an adventure, even when there’s weird and creepy things going on. Danger is lurking around a corner? Well geez! Let me have a gander!

You could draw some similarities to ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea’, only with characters that are a lot more fun and a lot less navel gazing. I’m pretty sure the Nautilus didn’t have a gift shop either. One of the greatest strengths in this show is the dialogue as it keeps the overall tone fairly light, but there is a real humanity to the characters. Having a large cast of women is also a rare treat to listen to. Female characters in adventure stories like this usually stagger under the weight of being “every woman”. Here they get to be actual characters, with flaws, fits and strengths, each unique to themselves.

So, the crew is green and while there is definitely something strange lurking in the water outside, there might also be something lurking in the pipes on board.

You’ve got your adventure, your mystery, your fun. Anchors aweigh!