Love and Luck

On the Sixth Day: @LoveLuckPodcast. Look ma, I’m listening to something that isn’t set in space! Love and Luck is a podcast about a romance told through voice mails that eventually become digital love letters. If Love and Luck were a candy it would be pop rocks. Simple, sweet, fun and so very endearing.

I often have trouble with romance stories, especially the ones we usually see on the big screen. You know, tough but easily flustered career woman suddenly realizes what she really needed in her life was this shubbly guy who worked on the farm back home. Or who was trying to make it as a musician/artist/whatever. Meg Ryan was probably in it. It’s a very specific story for a very specific audience, and if you don’t fit that audience it can be hard to be swept up in the romance. A horror story should make you gasp in fright and a romance should make you squeal with delight.

Oh, how I squeal while listening to Jason and Kane.

Hearing these characters talk like your own friends. Seeing their romance blossom how you see romances begin around you. It feels like you’re home among friends, listening to them tell you about this girl they just met. If this show was just two sweet guys dealing with the trials of new romance, queer life and the big wide world it would have been great. Then it starts to get a little… Magical.

I don’t want to spoil much beyond that. The magic unfolds in a cute and playful way that feels natural between Jason and Kane.

I think this is an audio drama that is important to listen to simply because genre fiction and happy queer romances are still so hard to find. Everyone deserves a love story, and everyone deserves the chance to imagine a little magic in their life.