We Fix Space Junk

On the Fifth Day: @WeFixSpaceJunk. Comedy in a science fiction story can be tough. You already have a lot of heavy lifting to do with world-building, and other than a fart joke among five-year-olds, humour is often very specific to culture, people or situations. For We Fix Space Junk, a sci-fi show with a lot of humour, the dialogue between characters elevates it beyond “telling jokes in space.” It’s extremely witty, and does a fantastic job balancing character and amusement.

The main characters, Kilner and Samantha, are both excellent to listen to. The banter between them, a tough and dry cyborg clashing against a social media savvy socialite, gives the show a wonderfully unique sense of fun. The ship computer Dax is also a delightful listen, and warmly human for someone who spends months playing sudoku with no one but the fridge to keep them company.

The sound design is creative and gives the show the vibe of a radio play that has fallen through time. FX are clear and easy to understand, and the music sets the tone of the show well.

Really it comes down to the show being just so much gosh darn fun. Feeling down in the dumps? This will cheer you right up.

If you’re someone who has spent a lot of time listening to Big Finish audios, and have been worried about dipping your toe into the indie world, We Fix Space Junk is a great place to start.