On the Second Day: @TidesPodcast. You ever experience a story that feels like it was created from a stack of your own interests? That's what Tides is for me. 

The protagonist, Dr. Winifred Eurus, makes for an interesting voice to follow. The fact she is a scientist means she gives very detailed and elaborate descriptions of the alien world around her. It makes for some very satisfying, detailed and beautiful world building. Many audio dramas leave most physical surroundings up to suggestion which is equal parts strength and struggle for the medium. Tides pulls off being an audio drama where surroundings are very concrete and real. 

I grew up next to the ocean and spent a lot of time on the beach growing up. Following the surf, chasing fish, and watching dogs in the waves. Now that I live far from home Tides helps make me feel closer to it. Love for the ocean isn't something that ever really leaves you, and Winifred's enthusiasm and curiosity about her surroundings is infectious. Also, how can you not love the fact she named a little sea-friend Bob?

Tides is beautiful and interesting. Fans of seas and sci-fi should check it out.