The Strange Case of the Starship Iris

On the First Day: @StarshipIris. Stories like this are my jam. I will never be satisfied and my hunger is insatiable. Violet Liu (Cindy Chu) is very fun to listen to and a likeable character. She's clever, sassy and I immediately wanted her to not blow up in the explosion that sets off the plot.

As Violet tries to figure out a solution to the mess she finds herself in she's contacted by Kay (Ishani Kanetkar), the captain of the Philadelphia. Kay wrestles with figuring out a solution to the disaster, but Violet has grimly accepted her end. There's some fun banter between Violet and Kay that slowly starts to escalate to flirting. We get some hints at a narrowly won human vs. alien war and a suggestion that Kay saw action.

The first episode is mostly a long conversation between two characters, touches of world-building, a ticking plot clock, and a twist that made me mutter "oh snap" on the bus. It's well paced, well acted, well written and very compelling. It makes you very excited for more and as Violet says: "Step into the goddamn unknown." I love this show and every episode drop reminds me why. If you crave space adventure stories this is one of the best to experience right now. In any medium.