The Orphans

On the Third Day: @OrphansAudio. Styled like a radio play from the days when... Well, my grandparents would have sat around listening with rapt attention to "radio plays", The Orphans is a quickly-paced adventure story. One of those shows where you put on an episode and suddenly it's over. Also, there's a robot named Geoffrey who might be one of my favourite sassy robots ever. 

The brisk nature of the story makes it really great to listen to while being stuck on a bus, but lousy if you're trying to get anything else done. I kept having to scroll back and re-listen because I would miss some sort of action. It's a great listen if you're in the mood for something with a lot of energy. The cast is big, but the characters are fun and identifiable. My favourite being Geoffrey, who is a bit like C-3PO if he were more of an intolerable ass. The characters have crashed on a world where they've got several large problems 1) figuring out what happened 2) surviving on the planet/each other, and 3) not getting munched by alien dog-things.

This is definitely a "binge-listen" series that is the perfect length and still much too short. It's a good reminder that audio dramas are just as good at telling fun plots as developing characters.