Station Blue

On the Fourth Day: @StationBluePod. I've noticed that with each passing year I become a bigger baby about spooky stuff. I made the mistake of falling asleep while listening to this audio one night and woke up in an uneasy sweat. And that's the best way I have of describing the atmosphere of this work. Uneasy. The character is confined to an isolating setting, and if you've ever gone outside after a snowstorm you know how... Empty the world can sound. This is another show where you get the most out of it just sitting and listening maybe with a blanket and a mug of something warm. Lights off if you're feeling brave. 

The show also makes excellent use of 'space' during episodes. Sometimes audio dramas fill up every minute with dialogue because it is an aural medium and speech is the easiest and and fast way to communicate what is going on to the audience. The soundscaping in the episodes (my favourite being Episode 6: Silent) adds a lot to the uneasy and rather dream-like situation the lead character Matthew finds himself in. Just the crafting and shaping of the sounds give this work a texture that is quite an experience. 

It’s a work that I often don't get to right away because I like to carve out space and time in my schedule to listen. On occasion, it has left me emotionally exhausted, but it's the kind of exhaustion I'm grateful for. The kind where you take a shower and go outside and remember that you made it.